Stephan Edwards


Steve at the Gallarus Oratory, County Kerry, Ireland

View Steve’s class website here.

Steve will be teaching two sections of Freshman Seminar for Autumn 2010.

UNC 101, Freshman Seminar I
MWF, 9:10 – 10:00 am, Liberal Arts 202

Course Request Number: 70677
Section: 01
Credits: 2

UNC 101, Freshman Seminar I
MWF, 10:10 – 11:00 am, Liberal Arts 306
Course Request Number: 73262
Section: 02
Credits: 2

A Note from Steve:

Welcome to the Freshman Seminar Program at the University of Montana. If Montana is truly the “last best place” then you’ve just found “the last best course” on the UM campus. Freshman Seminar is a unique program at UM, one that offers a wonderful opportunity for first-year students to get out of those big lecture classes and into a small seminar setting. This is the heart of a college education – thoughtful discussion about vital problems that we all face as humans. We write a little along the way, learn to navigate the landscape of intellectual life at a university, and have some fun too. If I had one wish for the program, it would be that every first-year student on the UM campus could enroll in this course. For more on the benefits of Freshman Seminar see Director Mary Groom Hall’s video link.

For more information on me, and my sections of UNC 101, link here.


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